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Mutation Counter


This page is provided for convinience, but it is reccomended that you verify manually with your actual trace files to determine whether a mutation is not a Sanger sequencing artefact. My reccomendation is that you open the ABI files and check what each mutation listed below looks like.

Prepare sequences    

Get ref.
then twice (for forward and reverse): seq, option for no change, add (primer) or remove (barcode)

results for alignement

Prep_out Does this align it? The alignment is pairwise and need not be sophisticated. 2 consecutive mismatchs. insertion/deletion. Trim, find 5 conserved.
AB file to XML. what if one could show the base in question. it depends on the XML

Aligned Sequences    

Wild type sequence

Mutant sequences

Possible matches    

List of genotypes   

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